Antiemetic Medicine

Nausea and vomiting occur for many reasons. Common causes such as: motion sickness, Self-limited illnesses (viruses or food poisoning), that last a few hours to a few days, and toxins (such as certain medications).

People should consult a physician if nausea and vomiting are persistent or are accompanied by other severe symptoms like fever, abdominal pain, yellow discoloration of the skin, bleeding etc. individuals with serious or ongoing vomiting who have other major or minor medical problems, are very young, elder age, pregnant or breastfeeding should also seek medical attention.

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Brief intro of Antiemetic medicine (nausea and vomiting):

Antiemetic Medications may cause nausea or vomiting and should be suspected when the symptoms appear within a short time after beginning a new medication. Discuss your prescribing physician if this happens.

Nausea and vomiting are not severe or serious diseases but symptoms that can be caused depend on many conditions. Many other less common reasons for nausea and vomiting such as:

  • Painful injury
  • An emotional or fearful situation
  • Gallbladder disease, gallstones infection.
  • Early stages of pregnancy.
  • Overeating
  • Heart attack
  • Concussion
  • Ulcer or gastritis
  • Bulimia
  • Brain tumor etc.

How to use antiemetic drugs:

It is a very helpful drug to control or stimulate vomiting. Before you take an OTC antiemetic medicine, read the instruction or directions on the drug facts label. This will tell you how much drugs to consume and how often to consume it. If you have any questions, call your healthcare provider. Keep a record of which over the counter medicines you are using and when you take them. If you need to go to the healthcare provider, take this list with you.

Follow these tips to makes sure you are consuming the right amount (Antiemetic agent):

  • Consume only the amount recommended on the drugs label. Do not assume that more drugs will work better or quicker. Consume more than the prescribe amount can be harmful to your health.
  • If you are consuming a prescription medicine, ask you physician if it is okay to also take OTC antiemetic drugs.
  • Do not use more than one kind of over the counter antiemetic drug at a time unless your physician says it’s ok. They may have similar active ingredients.

When not to use over-the-counter antiemetic drugs:

Some people are allergic to aspirin or other salicylate medicines. They should not take bismuth subsalicylate. Do not give bismuth subsalicylate to children 10 years of age or younger. Do not give it to children or teenagers who may have flu or chickenpox. This increases their risk for Reye syndrome. This is a serious illness that can lead to a serious or major disease.

Before taking an antihistamine, talk to your healthcare provider if you have any of the following problems:

  • Heart disease
  • Thyroid disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Breathing problems, like: emphysema, asthma etc.
  • Glaucoma etc.

Types of antiemetic drug:

Antiemetics drugs may be divided into two groups: drugs that are effective in combating motion sickness and drugs that are effective against nausea and vomiting due to other causes. The correct way in which these medicines work is not known, although they may work by decreasing the chemoreceptor trigger zone, which is located in the hypothalamus of the brain and controls vomiting.

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