Alvesco 160mcg

Alvesco 160mcg USA

General Information

Generic Name : Ciclesonide

US Brand Name : Alvesco

Manufacture Name : Nycomed UK

Prescribed For : Asthma (Wheezing & Shortness of Breathing)

Side Effects : Hoarseness of Voice, Swelling, Sore Throat, Fungal Infection

Composition : Ciclesonide

Presentation : Inhaler Packing

Nature : Corticosteroids

Strength : 160 Mcg

Product Code : SKU-281

Delivery Days : 10 To 12 Working Days

Available in : Worldwide (Except India)

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What is the Alvesco 160mcg?

Alvesco is an approved brand name prescription drug. It has FDA-approved for helping to prevent the symptoms associated with asthma for adults as well as in children who are 12 years old and over. (This is called "maintenance treatment.")

Asthma is an illness that can affect the way you breathe. The symptoms of asthma can include a cough, difficulty breathing and wheezing.

It is not recommended to take Alvesco 160mcg USA for treating asthma or difficulty breathing, and it is not an asthma emergency inhaler. Alvesco 160mcg from India reduces airways' swelling over time, resulting in fewer and mild asthma episodes. However, it does not be able to stop asthma attacks that are already happening.

What is the Alvesco 160mcg Uses?

Small particle size is designed to penetrate the lung's small airways. Anti-inflammatory properties can aid in reducing inflammation in the airways—evidence of improved lung functions and a reduction in asthma symptoms.

How to Use Alvesco 160mcg?

You might begin to feel the effects of Alvesco 160mcg Online within 24 hours; however, it could take a few weeks or even longer before the full effect of the medication is realized. Consult your physician if symptoms do not improve or become worse.

Alvesco 160mcg Side Effects

  • Unpleasant smell in your mouth
  • dry mouth,
  • irritation or burning sensation in your mouth.
  • white spots or sores in your mouth
  • nasal stuffiness or runny nose
  • sore throat,
  • hoarse voice,
  • itching or a rash on the skin,

Q & A

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Alvesco 160mcg

Ques: Does Alvesco aid in shortening breath?

It helps by reducing inflammation of the lungs' airways, making breathing easier. The medication needs to be taken frequently to ensure its effectiveness.

Ques: Do you have to quit using Alvesco?

Get in touch with your doctor immediately If you believe that Alvesco can make your condition more severe. Do not stop taking Alvesco immediately. Follow the instructions of your physician about increasing your dosage—storage: Store Alvesco in a cool, dry place, away from heat and humidity.

Ques: Does Alvesco raise blood pressure?

Itching in your throat or mouth and a skin rash; high blood pressure; More difficulty breathing in the first few minutes following the administration of Alvesco.



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