Zocon Dt 50 Mg

Zocon Dt 50 Mg USA

General Information

Generic Name : Fluconazole

US Brand Name : Diflucan

Manufacture Name : FDC India

Prescribed For : Fungal Infection of Brain

Side Effects : Headache, Diarrhea, Nausea, Upset Stomach, Dizziness

Composition : Fluconazole

Presentation : Tablet/s

Nature : Azole Antifungals

Strength : 50 mg

Product Code : SKU-207

Delivery Days : 10 To 12 Working Days

Available in : Worldwide (Except India)

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Zocon DT 50 Mg has a place with the class of meds called 'antifungal' used to treat an expansive scope of diseases caused because of growths and yeast. A parasitic disease is caused when a growth attacks and influences any piece of the body, including the mouth, throat, lungs, bladder, genital region, and the blood. Zocon DT 50 Mg can adequately treat contagious contaminations, including Vaginal Candidiasis (a vaginal yeast disease brought about by Candida), urinary tract contamination brought about by Candida types of organisms, and cryptococcal meningitis (parasitic disease of the mind and spinal string in AIDS patients). Zocon DT 50 Mg can't deal with a viral disease like influenza or a typical virus.

What Are The Uses Of The Zocon Dt 50 Mg:

Zocon 50 DT Tablet kills parasites by annihilating the contagious cell layer consequently halting the development of organisms. Zocon DT 50 Mg contains 'fluconazole' that kills or forestalls organisms or yeast by repressing a chemical in parasites liable for its typical fat digestion, which meddles with the arrangement of the contagious cell film. Subsequently, contagious or yeast cells get killed or its development is limited. Zocon DT 50 Mg is accessible as oral (tablet and suspension) and infusion details. You should possibly take this medication whenever prompted by your primary care physician. You can take Zocon DT 50 Mg with or without food.

How Zocon Dt 50 Mg Works

It works by diminishing the creation of ergosterol, which restrains cell film arrangement in growths. This medication is additionally liked as a preventive medicine in patients powerless to contagious contaminations while going through chemotherapy or radiation treatment before bone marrow transplantation.

How to take Zocon Dt 50 Mg

The typical every day grown-up portion of Zocon DT 50 Mg is 50-400 mg, contingent upon the sort of disease. It comes in oral (tablet and suspension) and intravenous definitions. For a yeast contamination, your primary care physician might encourage you to take one pill. For different contaminations, your first portion might be a twofold portion. You might take Zocon DT 50 Mg with or without food. Shake the oral suspension a long time before use and consistently utilize an estimating gadget for consumption. Zocon DT 50 Mg infusion is surrendered to the vein as an imbuement. Try not to take if the medication in the vial looks shady, changes tone, or comprises of particles.

What Should You Avoid While Taking Medicine

  • It is fitting to stay away from or limit the admission of liquor while you use Zocon DT 50 Mg.
  • It is dangerous to take Zocon DT 50 Mg during pregnancy since it can effectively affect the embryo. There are chances of unconstrained fetus removals in the ladies treated with Zocon DT 50 Mg in the principal trimester.
  • Breastfeeding might be kept up with after a solitary portion of 150 mg of Zocon DT 50 Mg. It isn't fitting to breastfeed after a rehashed or high portion of Zocon DT 50 Mg. Contact your PCP in the event that you notice surprising taking care of, dozing, or some other worries in your child.
  • Try not to drive or work machines on the off chance that you experience any seizures or dazedness subsequent to taking Zocon DT 50 Mg.
  • Inform your PCP as to whether you have any set of experiences of liver sicknesses when you are endorsed Zocon DT 50 Mg.
  • Inform your PCP as to whether you have any set of experiences of kidney sicknesses when you are recommended Zocon DT 50 Mg.

Side Effect

Some genuine incidental effects that might happen and require quick clinical consideration are:

  • dull pee, light-hued stool, showing liver harm
  • Yellowing of the skin, and irritation of the skin
  • Extreme rash or stripping of the skin in patients experiencing malignant growth or AIDS
  • Unpredictable or quick pulse, palpitations, seizures or blacking out, showing Torsades de Pointes (a state of strange mood of the heart which might cause an unexpected heart failure)
  • Side effects of excess incorporate diminished lacrimation, salivation, breath and motility, urinary incontinence, cyanosis. Treatment incorporates strong measures, a 3-hour hemodialysis will eliminate half.

Warning And Precaution

In spite of the fact that there are uncommon instances of antagonistic hepatic impacts during Zocon DT 50 Mg treatment, it is prudent to beware of conceivable outcomes. Extreme hepatic responses like putrefaction (demise of cells or tissue), clinical hepatitis (irritation of the liver), cholestasis (decrease or blockage of bile from the liver), and abrupt hepatic disappointment are accounted for during Zocon DT 50 Mg treatment. Zocon DT 50 Mg is related with liver poisonousness, remembering fatalities for patients with other genuine hidden illnesses. Treatment with Zocon DT 50 Mg ought to be quickly stopped in such cases. Zocon DT 50 Mg may likewise mess heart up (like unpredictable heart cadence), so it ought to be utilized with alert in patients with heart illnesses. Pregnant or lactating ladies ought to counsel the specialist prior to taking this medication.

Q & A




Ques: What is Zocon 50 MG Tablet DT? 


Ans: This medication diminishes ergosterol creation by disturbing the movement of cytochrome P450, hindering the development of the phone film of helpless parasites like Candida and Microsporum. 


Ques: How long do I have to utilize Zocon 50 MG Tablet DT before I see improvement in my condition? 


Ans: This medicine ought to be burned-through, until the total destruction of the infection. Along these lines it is encouraged to use, till the time coordinated by your primary care physician. Likewise taking this drug longer than it was recommended, can cause a lacking impact on the patient's condition. 


Ques: At what recurrence do I have to utilize Zocon 50 MG Tablet DT? 


Ans: The term of impact for this medication is reliant upon the seriousness of the patient's condition. Hence the recurrence of utilization of this prescription will shift from one individual to another. It is informed to follow the legitimate medicine regarding the specialist, coordinated by the patient's condition. 


Ques: Should I utilize Zocon 50 MG Tablet DT void stomach, before food or after food?


Ans: This drug is encouraged to be burned-through orally. The salts engaged with this drug respond appropriately in case it is taken in the wake of having food. If it's not too much concern, counsel the specialist prior to utilizing it.



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