Aziderm 20% Cream

Aziderm 20% Cream USA

General Information

Generic Name : Azelaic Acid

US Brand Name : Finacea Cream 10%

Manufacture Name : Micro Lab India

Prescribed For : Acne & Skin Infections

Side Effects : Application Site Reactions (Burning, Redness, Itching, Irritation)

Composition : Azelaic Acid

Presentation : Tube Cream

Nature : Dicarboxylic Acid

Strength : 20%

Product Code : SKU-117

Delivery Days : 10 To 12 Working Days

Available in : Worldwide (Except India)

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What is Aziderm 20% Cream?

Order Aziderm 20% Cream is used to treat acne (pimples). It can effectively alleviate symptoms like lumps, swelling, and redness caused by different types of acne. It does this by killing bacteria that cause acne.

Aziderm 20% Cream from India is designed for usage on the outside only. Always apply it according to the directions. The area affected and your hands must be dry and clean before applying. Apply Aziderm 20% Cream Online frequently to reap the maximum benefits from it. Don't take more than you'll need, as it might not help your condition heal faster, and specific side effects could be worse. Tell your doctor to be aware if your condition persists for more than 4 weeks or worsens at any point. The medication can improve its effectiveness by keeping the area affected clear of dirt.

Aziderm 20% Cream USA can cause some potential side effects, but not all people will suffer from these. This includes reactions to the application site, such as irritation, burning, itching, and itching. Inform your doctor whether they afflict you or if they do not disappear. Be careful not to get the medication in your eye. If you accidentally touch it, clean your eyes thoroughly using water.

If you are breastfeeding or planning to be pregnant, consult with your physician indicated on Aziderm 20% Cream Reviews.

What are uses of Aziderm 20% Cream?

In Treatment of Acne

Aziderm 20% cream treats pimples, also known as acne. Acne-causing bacteria are eradicated, and future breakouts of pimples and spots are prevented. It generally takes about a couple of weeks before you notice an impact, so use it even if it seems not to be effective. Sometimes, it can worsen acne before getting better, but the skin will become cleaner when you use it correctly. The sooner you begin taking it, the less likely you will be prone to marks. The medicine can boost your mood and increase self-confidence as your skin is no longer acne-prone. One should not use the medication for those who suffer from eczema and sun-burned skin.

How to use Aziderm 20% Cream?

Azelaic acid kills acne-causing bacteria. It also reduces the inflammation (redness as well as the swelling) of the skin.

The medication is intended for internal use and not for external usage. Dosage and duration of use should be according to what your doctor recommends. Before using, make sure you read the label carefully. Dry and clean the area affected, then apply the lotion. Clean your hands after applying the cream on the area unless your hands are in the affected area.

Side effect of Aziderm 20% Cream

Most side effects do not require medical attention and will disappear once your body adjusts your medication. Do some research and see a doctor if the symptoms last longer than a week or two.

Common adverse Azelaic Acid Side Effects are as follows:

Site reactions to an application (burning and irritation, itching and redness)

Q & A

Ques: What's the duration Aziderm 20% Creme needs to show its effects fully?

The amount of time required by Aziderm 20 percent Cream to treat acne varies for each individual. It depends on the degree of acne when you begin the treatment. The condition usually is seen to improve after around four weeks. To get the best outcomes, your doctor might recommend using Aziderm 20% Creme frequently for a while. But, it is not recommended to apply Aziderm 20 percent cream for more than 12 months at any given time.

Ques: Does Aziderm 20% Cream lighten skin?

Aziderm 20% cream can result in a change in the color of your skin, particularly in the case of dark skin. If you see any changes in your skin color, consult your physician immediately.

Ques: Does Aziderm 20% Cream help blackheads?

Aziderm 20% Cream functions by combating this bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes), which is the cause of acne. It also inhibits the growth of the outermost skin cells, blocking those pores, which can result in white and blackheads.



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